Punta Baja – Echoes of the Indelible Sea

In 2012, while on a surf trip in Baja, at Scorpion Bay I pulled out my camera and was photographing some of the fishermen as they brought in their catch for the day. I was captivated as they cleaned and gutted the fish, and the chaos that ensued around them. Dogs, pelicans, seagulls, etc.
And on my way home, I stopped off at a little fishing settlement called Punta Baja to sleep for the night, and in the morning, while the fishermen lit fires before heading out on the water for the day, I photographed the point.

When I developed the film, I began to get more and more curious about the lives of the fishermen, their jobs and their families. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to find out what was beyond just the few photographs I had taken. I wanted to dive deep into their lives.

I wanted to document this segment of people, and publish a book.

I decided that I should include as much of Baja as possible, and each fishing village should have its own essay discussing the people in each community. So, in 2016, I teamed up with Isidro Barragan, as writer and translator, and we planned a week long trip to do a sample chapter on the Punta Baja. Below are just a few select images I took on that trip.

Currently, we are seeking a grant or other form of funding to complete this project.

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