Casting Crab Traps - William Bay

Casting Crab Traps

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Catching Pacific Stone Crab, or Jaiba in Spanish is hard work. Jesus and Toño do it everyday with a religious fervor. Every morning, they drive to Punta Baja from their home 40 minutes north near San Quintin, Baja California. They launch their boat from the shore, and spend the next 5-6 hours amongst the elements. In that 5-6 hours, they can experience 3 different seasons, be visited by seals, dolphins, whales, and hopefully take in a big catch of crab, so they can provide for their family.

Here Jesus is casting one of 15 the baited traps that make up one series. They will typically have 10-15 series in the water, and pull, empty each trap, bait, then cast them back, every day of the year. Toño marks each spot with his GPS and guides the boat, while Jesus mans all the pots.

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