Rosindo, Punta Baja - William Bay

Rosindo, Punta Baja

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Rosindo guards over Punta Baja late at night from atop a hill, much like Batman protecting Gotham. And just as Batman, he’s as clever, resourceful and intelligent. A mechanic, a carpenter, mason, and handyman. He call himself a vago, a roamer/wanderer, having lived and worked in nearly every state in Mexico, and even in Arizona for a time. His early life was spent in highlands of the Sierra Occidental, living among the Tarahumara Indians and learning their language.

That life experience, and skills have made him an invaluable member of the cooperative.

When he’s not patrolling the point at night, he can be found in his shack, which doubles as an office, Situation Room, warehouse, repair shop. This is where the Co-op Vigilancia crew is found when they’re not on the water or having breakfast at Don Chuy’s.

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