Don Chuy, Punta Baja - William Bay

Don Chuy, Punta Baja

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Don Chuy is a well regarded resident of Punta Baja. He has established himself as an upright businessman and fellow friend. He first became acquainted with Punta Baja as a tourist 22 years ago. Then, he had a successful business in Tijuana. He was born and raised there; thought he would never leave. Until one day, 10 years ago, he sold his business and left Tijuana because the insecurity worried him. That is when he settled in El Rosario. A place he remembered for its peace and tranquility.

Now Don Chuy goes to bed at 8pm and starts his day before sunrise. He runs a bed and breakfast with a rustic ocean-view and a warm welcome. This cozy b&b is seldom occupied because only tourists looking to be off the grid would find comfort in hearing waves crashing instead of rings and tweets.

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