Daniel, El Rosario Cooperativa, Punta Baja - William Bay

Daniel, El Rosario Cooperativa, Punta Baja

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Pirates and poachers, blue and gray whales, orcas, sharks, Miami Vice style high-speed boat chases, riots, highway blockades, knife threats and family feuds, fathers lost to the deep; echoing indelibly their families legacy on the sea… These are some of the experiences shared by Daniel and others of the El Rosario Cooperative’s Vigilancia (Security Patrol). They are the ones that patrol a large section of coast near Punta Baja to prevent poaching.

With defined seasons for Lobster, Sea Urchin, Rays and Abalone, anyone caught poaching outside those seasons can result in the Vigilancia crew blocking their boats, cutting their lines, calling the Coast Guard or Police if the offenders refuse to desist.


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