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Austin Wedding Photography Client - Fine Art Print Club

I’m really excited to unveil the “Print of the Year Club” for all my wedding clients.

If you have known me for anytime, you know I have a huge passion for [intlink id=”fine-art-gallery” type=”page”]Fine Art and Landscape photography[/intlink]. Well, each year every one of my wedding clients  will receive a FREE 10×15 print (5×15 or 8.5×15 in the case of panoramas), matted and signed by me. This is merely a constant “Thank You” for choosing me to document your wedding.The best part is, the clients get to vote for the winner! I will post 5 pictures and everyone will vote for which print gets to be the print of the year!

The first one will begin this November, and the prints will be sent out to arrive in December, so please make sure I have your latest address. All past wedding clients are eligible (even those first ones that I shot for $600), and all future clients are automatically enrolled too.

If you have any questions please feel free to [intlink id=”contact” type=”page”]contact me[/intlink].

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