Woo Hoo! I got 2nd Place at the Austin PPA

My Bridal Portrait won 2nd place at the Austin PPA

Wedding Bridal Portrait at Krause Springs

I joined the Austin PPA (Professional Photographers Association) two months ago. I figured in order to get my name out there as a legitimate wedding photographer in Austin, I needed to belong in the professional organizations, network with other photographers, and continue my learning process with the guest speakers they have every month.

Last night was my first foray into the print competition though. It turned out to be a very competitive night. There were about 12 entries and after seeing each one I was really thinking I’d be lucky to place.


As it turned out, I took the Red Ribbon! I just nudged out a maternity shot with very pretty lighting, and my photo BFF Maria Bernal nailed First Place with an exquisite fashion portrait.

I actually owe Maria some credit on this photo. She offered a little critique that really pushed this portrait from good to great.

And thank you to Seasha McKay for being a sport and climbing up on this stump, and basically doing all the crazy things asked of you, including swimming in a dress that had to weigh sixty pounds wet.

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