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Honestly I was hoping to be writing this blog post in celebration. And maybe I should warn you, I may come off as a whiny, spoiled and misunderstood artist as you read this. And, I know a lot of you have been waiting to see this big secret I’ve been brewing since I was in Austin But… I’m incredibly upset by what happened at Tuesday night’s PPSDC, (Professional Photographers of San Diego County), Print Competition… Maybe it’s my fault for expecting to walk out with Best In Show, but I received the highest score out of all entries. I thought […]

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Woo Hoo! I got 2nd Place at the Austin PPA

My Bridal Portrait won 2nd place at the Austin PPA I joined the Austin PPA (Professional Photographers Association) two months ago. I figured in order to get my name out there as a legitimate wedding photographer in Austin, I needed to belong in the professional organizations, network with other photographers, and continue my learning process with the guest speakers they have every month. Last night was my first foray into the print competition though. It turned out to be a very competitive night. There were about 12 entries and after seeing each one I was really thinking I’d be lucky […]

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A Weird, Watery Weekend!

I’m not even sure I can present a story that fully illustrates the crazy roller coaster of a weekend I had, so I’ll keep it to a simple narrative. Friday: I was very excited to start heading out to Krause Springs, where myself and some fellow photographers from an online photo group were going to get together and do a TTD (Trash The Dress) session with a couple models for portfolio type work, and just to have fun and meet each other. On my way out for a pre-trip errand, I noticed that I missed a call. I check the […]

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