Honestly I was hoping to be writing this blog post in celebration. And maybe I should warn you, I may come off as a whiny, spoiled and misunderstood artist as you read this. And, I know a lot of you have been waiting to see this big secret I’ve been brewing since I was in Austin

But… I’m incredibly upset by what happened at Tuesday night’s PPSDC, (Professional Photographers of San Diego County), Print Competition…

Maybe it’s my fault for expecting to walk out with Best In Show, but I received the highest score out of all entries. I thought it was a sure thing. Then I find I get bumped in the first round of the “play-offs” like my Green Bay Packers… Only I had scoreboard…

I suppose I was way too close to the image. I had this planned for about at least 9 months and was only just able to execute it when I was in Austin back in November. And I was so wrapped up in this image I’ve had in my head… It just really stings to see it lose so badly after scoring so well. And, not to take anything away from the Photographers that received Best of Class and Best of Show that beat it, but when multiple members and one of the Judges comes up and says that I was “robbed,” it really hurts.

So… I’m going to finish my beer that I’m crying into, and move onto “what’s next” tomorrow.
I would like to say a quick “Thank You” to Kareena (my model in this photo), Chris Lin for assisting, and BWC for printing the exquisite print I entered in competition. I don’t care what the judges say, this is a great photograph, and there is no way I could have done this without you guys.

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9 thoughts on “Robbed!

  1. print competitions can be lame…ha wouldnt base anything on it…its a body of work as a whole that shows true strengths..

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