The Wee Ones

me-swimmingI thought I’d post a few more of my favorites from this weekend camping trip. The one to the left was taken by Nana Akins while I was swimming over to the other side to get a few shots of Seasha going off the rope swing.
Mind you, this was after I had drowned my iPhone the day before!

The other photos below are of Laura and Seasha’s wee ones. The little ones were playing in the mud puddles right after a big lightning storm passed through. And I was lubed up enough with beer to go and play and photograph them.





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5 thoughts on “The Wee Ones

  1. OMG William, did you seriously get in the mud with your thousands of dollar equipment?!? Ahhh, who am I to talk? The first day I got my 5d Mark II I took it into a pond.

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