Our Wedding

I have been wanting to get some of the images up here since we got married back in July. It was an absolutely gorgeous day out at Chapel Dulcinea where we got married. Heather Van Gaale, a good friend from San Diego, flew in to do the photography. I think she did an amazing job. This shot of Heather is everyones favorite.

It started off a little hairy, I was actually late to my own wedding! I had to stop at a country store on my way out for gas since I was on empty. It hadn’t occurred to me until after I got back in my X-terra that I hadn’t turned off the ignition while filling gas!!! Holy Moly!
I can hear the sherriff informing Heather now: “I’m sorry to regret that your fiance will not be able to make it to your wedding because he blew up due to his own stupidity.”

Once I got out there things calmed down a bit and the small ceremony got underway. It was so beautifu. Heather looked awesome! My mom and sister were there, Heather’s parents were there. Chris, my best friend, officiated the ceremony.

I’ve posted a few of the best photos here, they were all taken by Heather Van Gaale (the other Heather in my life). The other 200 of the good ones are here.


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  1. Megan Avatar

    GORGEOUS! Congratulations to you both! xoxo

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