Great hikes to do in Austin

The Barton Creek Greenbelt has been beckoning for a little over a year for Heather and I to come back and take the hike down to Sculpture Falls. We had gone a couple times before with our good friends Amber and Sarah (We’ll be visiting them in South-East Asia this summer if we can wrangle up some duckets).

With the wild outdoors calling and our winter-leaguered & pent up dogs, Moen and Luke, Heather and I decided to use the weekends to walk on dirt instead of treadmills.

Barton Creek Greenbelt and Sculpture Falls.
This is a beautiful hike that can be approached 2 ways. One is from MoPac and 360, and the other from a few miles west off of 360 through a residential area.
Hiking in from MoPac is probably the way to go unless you take supplemental oxygen, as the hike back up to the residential area is about a 10-15% grade for about a quarter of a mile.

The dogs love to cut loose at Sculture Falls. Luke, our Chow/Corgy (Chorgy), goes maniacal! He has two speeds fast and faster, that is until he hits a rock or slips on rocks, for about a second, and then he’s off again.
Moen’s slowed down a bit over the past 2 years, but still enjoys trotting along and getting wet.

The dogs at Sculpture Falls, Austin TX

We’ve also taken the dogs out to Bull Creek and Lake Georgetown. They were nice in their own right. But Barton Greenbelt such a great hike, and if someone was enterprising enough they could start a Sherpa outfit on the backside of this hike and make a pretty penny!

Here is a great resource for hiking in Austin 

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