Year End Emotions

Christmas here in Thailand was really amazing. 85 degrees on a tropical beach with a special person, a former volunteer that came back on her holiday break to spend Christmas with me. Last night in low light, our last sunset we said good bye before she walked to her plane. The prior two and a half weeks were spent bouncing around Southern Thailand\’s beaches and cruising from one island to the next.

The One Year Anniversary was the day after Christmas. Attended by thousands the ceremony was an amazing sight of diversity, emotion and light. Held right next to the beach where over three thousand Thai and Foreign people were killed, the Prime Minister gave his emotionless and banal speech and the Princess of Thailand, who\’s son died in the tsunami, gave her engaging speech in Thai and thanked the volunteers and foreigners that helped in English.

The highlight: 5,000 floating lanterns of light made from rice-paper were lit and released into the air creating a manmade constellation hundreds of feet in the air. While below on the ground every person at the ceremony lifted there burning candles in remembrance. A beautiful and highly emotional evening to mark a years time.

New Years will be celebrated with my Arrogant Bastard Ale that was brought from home, and maybe some homemade tacos for the Feliz Ano Nuevo.


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  1. I’ll be in Bangkok and, with any hope, Phuket sometime September. I’m quite looking forward to spending the fall bumming around southeast Asia for a bit.

  2. I’ll be in Bangkok and Phuket sometime in September, so glad to hear the weather is seasonable. Not that it’s ever anything except seasonable.

    Anyway, cool blog. Too bad updates are few and far between, but good luck to you in your endeavors and thanks for dropping by my own blog.

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