Voices From Home

A day off from digging holes, or pouring concrete, or building walls.
So how did I decide to unwind? By watching Top Gun of course (I mean really what else do you do when you\’re in Thailand and it\’s not NFL season?).

I forgot how good that movie was, it was full of intense action, great lines: “That’s Iceman… It’s the way he flies, ice cold, no mistakes.” (OK they\’re way corney now, but supercool when it came out), and Kelly McGillis was fucking HOT! Incidentally that was the first movie I ever saw tongue kissing in! Whoa! I also heard later on that she couldn\’t get any work afterwards because it had come out that she was gay. (fucking homophobic people, if the world needs more of anything – it\’s got to be lesbians)

Then I went to dinner with some of the other volunteers. Dinner turned into drinks at Cert\’s bar. And it was an early night for me (i.e. I left before 4 AM).

As I was walking up to my door my phone rings and what the fuck do you know it\’s Chris!!! My best friend from back home…
“Dude!” I shout into the phone and I see lights turn on in my neighbor\’s windows… I quiet down and start chatting with him. And he\’s back in San Diego on a visit from New York. And he\’s with a group of my old friends from Landmark. He passes the phone to John Matsch. And John Matsch tells me all about his life and the stuff he\’s going through with his wife and his new business and it\’s crazy! Like, home overload, but I just sat and listened and enjoyed to here what\’s going on.

Chris hopped back on the phone. He told me about how he saw my cats B-side and Kazoo and had used them in a recent photo shoot for one of his website clients. I told him about my trip to Malaysia on motorcycle. He told me about how he went by the old loft where we used to live and got sad that I wasn\’t there. I told him about an idea I had of he and I driving from Singapore to Ireland on motorcycle. Photographing the country, meeting people, learning languages, eating stuff that makes us shit fire out our assholes! you know that typical kind of trip that everyone does.

After a bit we both sensed it was time to go!

I didn\’t want to hang up.

Uncomfortable silence for a few seconds.

To fill it I asked him how much it was costing him to call Thailand on his cell phone.

The response! “Don\’t ask.”


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    I hope that you are enjoying it over there. K san diego

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