A Little Lovin’

There have been a few nights I\’ve been swinging in the hammock at the Fisherman Bar with some young co-ed volunteer from Canada or England. And I know, I know – the only good looking women in England are actually tourists and Canadians talk funny, Eh. But, there have been a few exceptions that have slipped under the radar and into the hammock with me on such nights.
Sometimes, though, I\’ve found myself wanting just a little more than a swing and a fling. I guess I want to share my thoughts, hear other\’s, fall asleep next to someone. It\’d be nice.

I found it for a small time in another volunteer…

For the sake of anonymity let\’s just call her Heather Burt of Austin, Texas.
Dustin introduced us and we all went to the beach to watch the sunset and drink Chang beer. She rode on my bike and we sang “Hooked on a Feeling” as we climbed the mountain and down into town.
I seduced her one night. Not sure how, we were both sober, but watching “Garden State” seemed to do the trick. For the next couple of days before she left we would spend time together. I\’d put on some Otis Redding and we would fall asleep and wake up intermittently throughout the night.
She\’s coming back in December incidentally. She must really like my big! music collection.

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