Super 8 is here!!! Weddings are next!

I am really excited abou the next couple of months. I just got some test footage I shot on my super 8mm camera this summer. It has been digitally transfered to edit and post online. I really can’t wait to do this with weddings.

As soon as I got home I popped it in the computer and worked on a short piece of our dogs Moen and Luke. Moen is a Lab/Wolf mix and Luke is a Chow/Corgy (chorgy for short). There is more footage from our anniversary tubing trip, that I will post tomorrow.

The technical stuff:
Film: Tri-X  (nice to be working with that again)
Camera: Bell & Howell – Autoload Filmosound 8
Telecined by Precision Camera in Austin

Music: Low Light by Pearl Jam

Moen & Luke from William Bay on Vimeo.

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