Photographic Humble Pie

I’m feeling a little down this week. I submitted a couple photos in our local PPSDC Print Competition on Tuesday night, and both my images tanked.
I guess I’m just a little unsure of what will actually do well, or if my style of photography can ever do well in competition. It’s a little discouraging when I consider submitting prints to National PPA or WPPI print competitions.

This first image was taken from this really great [intlink id=”san-diego-engagement-photography-imperial-beach-windansea” type=”post”]engagement session here in San Diego[/intlink].
The other image was from a [intlink id=”wedding-ramona-private-estate” type=”post”]wedding in Ramona[/intlink] a few years back.

Another photographer who I really admire gave me some encouraging words after the competition and reminded me that my clients paid me for my creativity, they loved the photographs, and I get to do what I love and grow and stretch my creativity.

I guess that was the best lesson in photography I learned that night.

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16 thoughts on “Photographic Humble Pie

  1. Your images are great! Obviously I know nothing about print competition… but I feel like most print competition judges are looking for something completely opposite of what real brides and grooms are looking for…

  2. Sweet shots, William! Don’t get discouraged- while a few people may not go crazy over each of your photos- there are PLENTY of other people that are sure to love them! Like me! Your use of landscape in your portraiture is very inspiring. Keep it up!

  3. Stunning images William; I’d love to see them printed large. In particular the one on the rock overlooking the hill has always stuck in my mind since I first saw your feature on that wedding. Competitions and judging panels are fickle beasts indeed and one would be driven to distraction trying to pre-empt what exactly is being looked for; I’ve sat as a judge on film-making panels in the past and know that I often wondered what on Earth my fellow judges were thinking! I’m sure they thought likewise of me. It’s a healthy thing to test one’s work through competition but that health maintains a balance by remembering judges can get it wrong ;~)

  4. They’re both wonderful, but that second shot is just amazing. You’re great at what you do, and your clients know that. Just trust that and procede with confidence. 🙂

  5. I don’t do comps ever. I don’t like the idea that a small group of people (who I’m not shooting for) will get to tell me if I’m good. Your stuff is awesome and that first B&W is off the charts. Your clients love your work and that is ALL that matters.

  6. Beautiful work William. I love the use of the ND filter to get the motion in the water in the first image and I remember that second image from when you first created it and explained the process. It was stunning then and it continues to be a stellar image today.

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