In at the Driskill

These past few weeks have really been busy. I’ve been working my butt off trying to meet with wedding coordinators and wedding locations, all in an effort to get my name out there and become more and more well know in Austin.

Well, I finally cracked one that I had been trying for months. I met with Emily Taylor, the event coordinator at the Driskill Hotel. The Driskill is one of the premiere locations for weddings here in Austin, so I was very excited to meet someone there and start a relationship. Emily was really gracious with her time, she looked at my work, I was delighted that she was impressed. She then took me on the tour to show me all the wedding venues in the hotel (yes, more than one!).

The Driskill has a long history in Austin that goes back to 1886! The floors are super shiny marble, the coffered ceilings are held up with tall, elegant columns. One of my favorite rooms in the whole place was a richly colored and broody bank room which is right on the corner of Sixth and Brazos. Perfect for that last exiting shot of any wedding.

In a town where there are not many beautiful Catholic churches, I was rather transfixed at the level of detail and extravagance at the Driskill. It made me want to shoot a wedding there even more.

Hopefully I will very soon.

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