Heeding My Own Green Advice

Green Leaf ApertureWith my recent blog topics on [intlink id=”standards-green-photographers” type=”post”]Greening the Photography Industry[/intlink], I’ve decided that I should practice what I preach. I have never made claims to be a Green Photographer, to the contrary, I have outright stated that I wasn’t and I’m very open about not being a very eco-friendly person. But the more I thought about the topic, the more it occurred to me that I may be losing people with my message, by not practicing what I preach.

I wasn’t looking for anything more than a gripe session and being critical of others in my first post about the subject. However, this is actually a topic I care about deeply, so I’ve decided that I would take on “Greening” my photography business and my life. Actually “Walking the Walk.”

My goal will be a challenging one, and one that I’ve given myself a year to complete. I have decided to aim for a “Gold” designation from the standards I have loosely drawn up in my last post. No doubt, I will find additional parameters that should be part of those standards and will incorporate those on the way. First order of business will be to find a solar powered webhost.

On top of that I am giving some thought to beginning a “100 mile diet” where I will focus on eating only locally produced foods from within a 100 mile radius. I will be researching this one for a couple months before I actually jump in though.

So… I encourage you to read along, and share your thoughts and comments as I begin my journey to making my existence a light footed one. Maybe I’ll see you at a beach clean-up soon.

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