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Heeding My Own Green Advice

With my recent blog topics on [intlink id=”standards-green-photographers” type=”post”]Greening the Photography Industry[/intlink], I’ve decided that I should practice what I preach. I have never made claims to be a Green Photographer, to the contrary, I have outright stated that I wasn’t and I’m very open about not being a very eco-friendly person. But the more I thought about the topic, the more it occurred to me that I may be losing people with my message, by not practicing what I preach. I wasn’t looking for anything more than a gripe session and being critical of others in my first post […]

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Standards for Green Photographers

How to make Wedding Photography Green It seems I got some Photographer’s knickers in a bunch with a post about how we as [intlink id=”green-wedding-photography” type=”post”]wedding photographers and the photography industry in general fail in the realm of environmental responsibility[/intlink], and how their are a few Photographers that take advantage of the word “Green” in their marketing. Most of the upset e-mails and comments I got were from photographers that do quite a bit in their lives and business to reduce their carbon footprints. But there were two points that were obviously lost on them: My problem isn’t with those […]

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I’m not a Green Wedding Photographer – And neither are you.

I love the industry trend of Green Weddings right now. I love [intlink id=”green-wedding-dresses” type=”post”]cotton and hemp dresses[/intlink], I love the detail that wedding coordinators are getting into to minimize the impact on the planet. I really do think it’s great that people have that much care for the world to keep even their wedding day low-impact. You see, I grew up surfing in Imperial Beach, which is just a few short miles away from the Tijuana River, I would see it regularly spew out contaminants into the ocean rendering the beaches locked down for fear of Hepatitis outbreaks. At […]

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