Green, Hemp, Wedding Dresses

Environmentally Friendly Wedding Dress - By Tara LynnI just came across this great article on environmentally friendly and Green wedding dresses over at The article talks about Tara Lynn, a dress designer from Vermont, that designs very lovely dresses out of green products such as silk, cotton, bamboo and hemp!

Looking at the dresses, they are very beautiful. But I’ve also heard a rumor that bamboo in clothing is very hard to get into a soft wearable clothing product and the energy and methods in which to do so are actually contradictory to the green movement. I haven’t verified this, but knowing bamboo, I would not be surprised.

I am pretty excited about the other products though, silk and hemp would make such a lovely great feeling dress!

Treehugger has a great archive of how to “Green” your wedding. Feel free to look around the site for extra ideas for your upcoming wedding.

One of the reasons I moved to digital so long ago was the environmental aspects of doing so. The environment has always been an inspiration for my photography and have been a huge proponent of organizations like Sierra Club, Surfrider Foundation, and other pro environment organizations. I think we should all do what we can. And if that means buying a Hemp Dress, and it inspires you… Then go for it!

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One thought on “Green, Hemp, Wedding Dresses

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