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Green, Hemp, Wedding Dresses

I just came across this great article on environmentally friendly and Green wedding dresses over at Treehugger.com. The article talks about Tara Lynn, a dress designer from Vermont, that designs very lovely dresses out of green products such as silk, cotton, bamboo and hemp! Looking at the dresses, they are very beautiful. But I’ve also heard a rumor that bamboo in clothing is very hard to get into a soft wearable clothing product and the energy and methods in which to do so are actually contradictory to the green movement. I haven’t verified this, but knowing bamboo, I would not […]

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David’s Bridal out in force

It’s that time of year again. The annual onslaught of the Bridal Gown sales. I have been seeing David’s Bridals quite often and I hopped over to their website today and they have some pretty good deals for the budget minded bride. Their wedding dresses start at $99 and wherever you can find a deal you should go for it. For Heather’s and my wedding she had a costume designer friend make her favorite dress from a magazine as a favor. For the cost of materials – maybe $40 – she had an amazing dress. I grabbed our photographer’s camera […]

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