Great News & Great Shots

Great News

So I had mentioned that there were two pieces of great news a couple of weeks ago. The first, the t-shirts and clothing line of my photos was a huge hit. Everyone loved the shirts and they look great, I’m actually wearing my Dunes at Sunrise in Death Valley shirt now. I hope to at some point in a few months offer posters as well. I think that will be a great alternative for people that like my work but cannot afford one of my fine art prints.

The next big piece of news is that I have hired a Salesperson to book my weddings and portrait work. Her name is Sandy Hargrove. A wonderful person that has been in the Austin area for years and has a number of great connections that we are hoping to tap into.
Sandy’s background is really strong in marketing and sales, and currently runs her own business in the Spa industry. She is a welcomed addition to my business and should prove to be invaluable.

Great Shots

While I tend to market my Headshot Photography separately from my Wedding and Portrait work here, I just had to put these images up that I took today. This is Holly. She is a Conductor for a choral group in Austin. These are my two favorite photos from todays shoot. They turned out so lovely. And they haven’t had any retouching yet. Straight Out Of Camera, cropped to 8×10 and uploaded.

Thanks for looking!

Holly 1 - Headshot by William Bay

Holly 2 - Headshot by William Bay

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