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LeeAn in Imperial Beach

I was excited to hear that my friend LeeAn was going to be in SoCal visiting her mom. I asked her if she would come down and hang out in San Diego for a day or so since I hadn’t seen her in about 9 years.

She said she would if I did some headshots for her acting career back in Austin, and a fine art portrait session to boot. I said “deal!” for sure. So we went to one of my favorite places in the world, Imperial Beach, back in November and did some really cool stuff. I even pulled out the Hasselblad at the end and snapped a few shots at the end (I guessed on exposure).

Tamara’s Fine Art Portraits

In our last portrait session at Torrey Pines, Tamara and I had planned on shooting film also for some close up nude and semi-nude fine art portrait photography. We ended up having to reschedule for another day unfortunately.

We did the reshoot in La Jolla where I know of a little cove that provides some nice privacy. I’ve got the film back and I’m absolutely in love! With both the stunning beauty of Tamara, and with the Hasselblad! It’s an amazing camera, and I can’t wait to shoot more film. What’s more, to see these images full size, you can see why Carl Zeiss lenses are the best in the game.

Have a look at these beauties we shot at my secret spot in La Jolla. What do you think? She’s amazing huh?

Film was T-Max 400, and Fuji Pro-H 400.

Fine art portraits on the beach in La Jolla
Nude fine art photography at La Jolla
nude fine art photography at the cliffs and caves La Jolla
portraits of women in La Jolla, California

Gloria and Her Music Box

While I was photographing Tamara in the Windansea area of La Jolla (photos to come), we stopped at a house with a beautiful old door and lovely clay tube brick archways for a photo op.

Gloria, the owner of the house came out to speak to us, and we were promptly invited into her house to see her old music box. As it turns out it was an original turn-of-the-century Polyphon music box (seen here in the background), that takes big brass discs for each song and creates music by striking a steel comb. It resides in the front atrium, that couldn’t have been designed any better to boom and resonate so amazingly as the music box struck each note.

We stuck around a little longer to find out what a full life Gloria has led and is still leading. She let me play with her 1950′s era Kodak Retina rangefinder camera and talked about photographing the pyramids on camelback with that particular camera. Talked about her documentation of the effects of acid at Harvard during the Timothy Leary days. She filled us in about her family, and what her days are like, with coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon.

Our visit with Gloria was surely fascinating. And as Tamara and I made our way to our next location we argued over which version of Gloria we should sing in tribute to our gracious impromptu host. I wanted to go with U2′s version, while Tamara was rather insistent on Olivia Newton John’s. Being a gentlemen, I of course let her sing her version.

I think it’s rather remarkable what we find about other people when we slow down for 20 minutes and become interested in someone other than ourselves. I’m really glad we took some time out of our photoshoot.

The above image and the two below were taken with a Hasselblad 501cm with an 80mm lens. The indoor shots were exposed at f2.8 at 1/30th of a second if I remember correctly, with only natural light from the doorway. And the outdoor shot was probably f8 at 1/125th.
Film was Fuji Pro 400h.

A Very Special Award of Merit

What a special night! I received an Award of Merit at last night’s Professional Photographer’s of San Diego County. To top it off the subject was my little sister!

This is from a session I did with her when she was visiting over Christmas time. I couldn’t be prouder of my lil sis, or the result I got last night.

Award winning portrait image taken in San Diego at Sunset Cliffs

My Lil’ Sister Bonnie

Since I left San Diego for Thailand back at the beginning of 2005, I’ve only seen my little sister Bonnie once. But me and my Mom got a special treat this Christmas. Bonnie made her way all the way down from her place in Olympia to hang out for a few days. It was so awesome to see her and goof around, watch movies, crack jokes, and get her a highly coveted carne asada burrito (something Washington State apparently is lacking in).

She had to drive back today, but before she left, I woke her butt up to go take some pictures. I wasn’t really sure where we were gonna go, but we found ourselves at Sunset Cliffs and we explored an area that I had never been, which was quite excellent spot for photos. The storm was clearing off, so I knew we would have exceptional clouds for her portraits.

The first two portraits were done with my [intlink id="fun-with-photography" type="post"]neutral density filter/composite technique[/intlink].

What do you think? She’s good looking huh?

Love you Bonnie. Drive safe.

San Diego Fine Art Portrait Photographer | William Bay Photographic Arts Bonnie's Portrait Session at Sunset Cliffs - 01San Diego Fine Art Portrait Photographer | William Bay Photographic Arts Bonnie's Portrait Session at Sunset Cliffs - 02San Diego Fine Art Portrait Photographer | William Bay Photographic Arts Bonnie's Portrait Session at Sunset Cliffs - 03

Self-Portrait, Windansea

I love winter time in San Diego. The sun gets low enough in the sky for the full day, and I can photograph almost all day long if I want to. The above photo was taken at about three o’clock in the afternoon at Windansea Beach. The rich surfing history has always made it one of my favorite beaches in San Diego. The palm-frond shack behind me has been there since the 40′s and has always fascinated me for the brotherhood that surfers share. Some surfer built a shelter for his brothers to gather and story-tell about travels and life, waves ridden and poundings received.

This is more Neutral Density compositing I’m working with. The first photograph was 15 seconds long which allowed the waves to blur out into a hazy soup, and the clouds moved slightly as well. The second photograph was 1/15th of a second, and I didn’t have a beautiful model to stick in the photo today, so I stepped in.

I need to check my lens and see if I broke it.

Jessa – Austin Shoot

I had been wanting to work with Jessa for awhile. She is a model in Austin and has worked with some very talented photographers. She’s really great with fine art modeling, and has incredible eyes, which is why I wanted to work with her in the first place.

My original concept for Jessa was the first shot you see here.  A “Trash The Dress” idea, (one in a series of Bridal Portraits I will be sending to Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style), with tuule being representative of the dress. The Congress Street Bridge in the background making this iconically Austin, and I wanted to stretch my own ideas and concepts to something grander than I had before.
Unfortunately for Jessa, I was not around Austin this summer when the water would have been twenty degrees warmer in Town Lake. She was a popsickle in about 10 minutes… not to mention she CAN’T SWIM!

She was a trooper though and after she thawed out, she stuck around for some more photos which you’ll see below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them!

I won Best of Class Award for one of my Albums

DSCF2925Nudity must sway judges.

I’m really just kidding, but there were three guys and two gals on the judging panel at last night’s PPSDC Print/Album competition. I had entered one of my Leather Craftsmen albums that showcases a series of highly unique [intlink id="san-diego-portrait-gallery" type="page"]Fine Art Portraits[/intlink], a few of which were full nudes. So maybe they were swayed a little. :)

(One interesting thing of note, the other albums that were entered were Leather Craftsmen too. I keep telling everyone they’re the best around, go check out their stuff and then give them a call.)

I didn’t do so well with the print I submitted, so when they announced my score and that I had received Best in Class, I was Super Stoked!!!

The judges were a very strong group of photographers too. Three were from Orange County: Bleu Cotton, Janel Pahl and Frank Salas. There were two local judges as well Wendy Porter Francis and Doyle Terry.

I had a chance to meet and speak to Bleu and Frank, and they had some very encouraging things to say about my album and improvements I can make to my print. So if you happen to read this Bleu and Frank, Thank you!

Oh… and I can’t forget to mention that I met Dennis Nezbit from Bay Photo Labs, (which I don’t own). I joked that we should do some Co-Branding though. But he must have been impressed with my showing cause he told me to call him for a free gift!!!Woo Hoo!

I think it was a decent showing for my first real judged competition in quite some time, and I made some great connections, and learned where I can make some positive improvements to my work. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

The Wee Ones

me-swimmingI thought I’d post a few more of my favorites from this weekend camping trip. The one to the left was taken by Nana Akins while I was swimming over to the other side to get a few shots of Seasha going off the rope swing.
Mind you, this was after I had drowned my iPhone the day before!

The other photos below are of Laura and Seasha’s wee ones. The little ones were playing in the mud puddles right after a big lightning storm passed through. And I was lubed up enough with beer to go and play and photograph them.