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Morgan Kellie Environmental Portraits | Otay Lake

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Last year I promised I would take photos of Morgan Kellie, a firecracker of a cowgirl, for her birthday. A year later, we finally got to do that. We headed out to Otay Lake to take care of the incredible tall grass, and great views of the surrounding mountains. Behold the beauty of Morgan Kellie!

LeeAn in Imperial Beach


I was excited to hear that my friend LeeAn was going to be in SoCal visiting her mom. I asked her if she would come down and hang out in San Diego for a day or so since I hadn’t seen her in about 9 years. She said she would if I did some headshots… Read more »

Tamara’s Fine Art Portraits


In our last portrait session at Torrey Pines, Tamara and I had planned on shooting film also for some close up nude and semi-nude fine art portrait photography. We ended up having to reschedule for another day unfortunately. We did the reshoot in La Jolla where I know of a little cove that provides some… Read more »

Gloria and Her Music Box

While I was photographing Tamara in the Windansea area of La Jolla (photos to come), we stopped at a house with a beautiful old door and lovely clay tube brick archways for a photo op. Gloria, the owner of the house came out to speak to us, and we were promptly invited into her house… Read more »

Tamara’s Beach Portrait Session at Torrey Pines

I was very fortunate to have recently photographed one of the most altruistic and enthusiastic people in the world. Tamarra Orras is a combination of Mother Theresa and Holly Golightly. Her current project is with Gonna Go To Ghana, providing a computer lab for the village of Tongo. Truly a good heart. And I think… Read more »

A Very Special Award of Merit

What a special night! I received an Award of Merit at last night’s Professional Photographer’s of San Diego County. To top it off the subject was my little sister! This is from a session I did with her when she was visiting over Christmas time. I couldn’t be prouder of my lil sis, or the… Read more »

My Lil’ Sister Bonnie

Since I left San Diego for Thailand back at the beginning of 2005, I’ve only seen my little sister Bonnie once. But me and my Mom got a special treat this Christmas. Bonnie made her way all the way down from her place in Olympia to hang out for a few days. It was so… Read more »

Self-Portrait, Windansea

I love winter time in San Diego. The sun gets low enough in the sky for the full day, and I can photograph almost all day long if I want to. The above photo was taken at about three o’clock in the afternoon at Windansea Beach. The rich surfing history has always made it one… Read more »

Jessa – Austin Shoot

I had been wanting to work with Jessa for awhile. She is a model in Austin and has worked with some very talented photographers. She’s really great with fine art modeling, and has incredible eyes, which is why I wanted to work with her in the first place. My original concept for Jessa was the… Read more »

I won Best of Class Award for one of my Albums

Nudity must sway judges. I’m really just kidding, but there were three guys and two gals on the judging panel at last night’s PPSDC Print/Album competition. I had entered one of my Leather Craftsmen albums that showcases a series of highly unique [intlink id=”san-diego-portrait-gallery” type=”page”]Fine Art Portraits[/intlink], a few of which were full nudes. So… Read more »