Fine Art Projects

    Low Light

    The Low Light series is an homage to Mark Rothko and Howard Hodgkins. Their abstract expressionist paintings have had a tremendous impact on William's view on the world. The question arose, could we use photography to capture the mood of a moment, rather than documenting subjects. So the exploration began with minute long exposures to blur surf, and completely throwing the lens out of focus. Combine that with timing the exposures just after sunset, and you get this very moody and smokey series of images. View All Photos


    Baja is a magical place. While I spent quite a bit of time as a kid running around Tijuana, I took my first real trip into Baja when I was about twenty two. I planned to drive my little 1971 Volkswagon Squareback all the way down to a little surf spot called Scorpion Bay. Well, the Squareback didn't make it due to an oil leak and the subsequent ceasing of the engine just outside of San Ignacio. Fortunately I got towed back into town by some melon farmers, sold the car for scrap, and hitch-hiked to Scorpion Bay. It was that trip that forged a profound love affair with Baja. View All Photos


    Sawadee! Welcome! I lived in Thailand for a year after the 2004 tsunami as a volunteer. It was a magical time. I helped build houses for villagers along the coast, learned the language, ate the food, drink the drinks, and photographed a bit too! I went back for the 10 year anniversary, and photographed the ceremony as well. The country and the people are forever connected very close to my heart. View All Photos


    I had heard such colorful things about Bali. I wanted to take on photographing it all in black and white, and see how I fared. View All Photos

    California Coastal

    I've been a child of the ocean since my earliest memories. I grew up in the Southernmost beach in California, a little beach town called Imperial Beach. If you went any further south, you'd end up in Mexico, and if you went any further west, you'd end up wet. And summers were always spent at the beach. Campfires, the annual sandcastle competition. Then as I got into my high school years I spent my time there surfing or photographing. Exploring the rest of the coast was almost a certainty. And the years went by, and new places I found out about to go explore, Big Sur, Point Lobos, Morro Bay, etc. The California Coast is a remarkable place and it's been such a passion to photograph these places. View All Photos

    The SouthWest

    While I'm a creature of the coast, I'm very drawn to the desert. From our own Ocotillo Wells here in San Diego, to the enchanting White Sand dunes of New Mexico, I love traveling through and exploring the wastelands. It's a soul finding process. View All Photos