Self-Portrait, Windansea

I love winter time in San Diego. The sun gets low enough in the sky for the full day, and I can photograph almost all day long if I want to. The above photo was taken at about three o’clock in the afternoon at Windansea Beach. The rich surfing history has always made it one of my favorite beaches in San Diego. The palm-frond shack behind me has been there since the 40’s and has always fascinated me for the brotherhood that surfers share. Some surfer built a shelter for his brothers to gather and story-tell about travels and life, waves ridden and poundings received.

This is more Neutral Density compositing I’m working with. The first photograph was 15 seconds long which allowed the waves to blur out into a hazy soup, and the clouds moved slightly as well. The second photograph was 1/15th of a second, and I didn’t have a beautiful model to stick in the photo today, so I stepped in.

I need to check my lens and see if I broke it.

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10 thoughts on “Self-Portrait, Windansea

  1. Very cool, sir. Your choice of model was understandable given the constraints, but I’d have to admit it turned out very nice. :^) Perhaps you need to spend more time in front of the camera?

  2. This was so awesome to see. I just stared at it for like, 5 min at least. Very powerful photo. I can only imagine what the narrative for this is if there is any…

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