“Timeless” has past its expiration date

As I have been doing quite a bit of marketing and surfing the net for ideas, I have seen an incredible amount of wedding photography, wedding photography sites, and wedding photography buzzwords…

One of the most used and, in my opinion, useless buzzwords is “Timeless.”

“We will take outstanding images so that you can cherish your timeless photos, bla bla bla.” “So-and-so wedding photography delivers timeless images for that once in a lifetime day, yadda-yadda-yadda.”

I tend to have a more refined “fine art” idea of photography, due to my background. My heroes are the old dead guys like Paul Strand, Edward Weston, and of course Ansel Adams. I learned from them what “true” art is. “True” art is what everyone confuses with the “Timeless” aspect to photography, and even then not very well. …If you follow.

Let’s look at it this way:
Photographers catch a notion that something should be done a certain way, (take the rule of thirds or any other rule of composition). Run of the mill photographers latch on to those ideas and concepts and make them dogma for their existence to have some order. Yes, deep inside every photographer is a little engineer demanding it be done a certain way. Some listen to it more than others.

Now one of those concepts is “Timelessness.” No-one breaks out of the mold when it comes to that term. It is impossible to have a timeless image. To prove the point, run and grab your parents photo album, then ask your older friends to see theirs. And for kicks check out something from the 80’s. They will all show some age, some funky fashion, and, for the owners of said albums it will bring them back to that day and reminisce about that day, what happened that morning, the crazy stunt whats-his names’s golfing buddy did right before the wedding.

These are not timeless thoughts! Neither are the photos. They are indeed very dated. As well they should be.

While photos may stand the test of time, they are never ever timeless! Remember that when looking at these photojournalistic ideas and trends. They are just that – trends and they will change. So the photos you take this year will look completely dated next decade. And you should embrace that fact.


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