September PPSDC Print Competition

Print competition is here again. Yay!!!

At PPSDC (Professional Photographers of San Diego County), we hold 5 print competitions per year with a full panel of Master PPA Judges. And I truly love submitting my work, and hearing the critiques and discovering where I can get better in my photography.

And this year, it just so happens that I am responsible for putting the whole thing together… Yikes, what a responsibility! This year also happens to be a unique transition period, in which the Board has made the decision to convert over to digital display rather than actual prints. There were and are plenty reasons for going that route, and of course there are reasons for staying with traditional prints, but I won’t really get into that here.

I will say that I think we put on one hell of a show that night. Amy Dawnelle helped me with running the competition, and there were so many other people that helped set up and manage the flow of the night, including our Print Competition Chairperson from last year assisting with the handful of actual prints that a few members had submitted. Yes, we’re officially hybrid and people can submit digital or prints.

I submitted two photos. Only one merited (received an 80 or better) with a score of 81. This image might look familiar to some, as it comes up on the first page of my website.

Look out in November for my next competition pieces. I’ll definitely be sharing them.

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