Rocio + Aaron | San Diego Wedding | Museum of Photographic Arts

Rocio is a good friend of mine who has modeled for some fine art photography for me. And when she told me she was getting married, I was of course over-joyed for her and her fiancée  Aaron. But I also wanted to get into wedding photography, so I asked her if she’d consider having me shoot it.

When she told me that it was going to be at the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA), I insisted that I photograph it.

I practically grew up at MOPA. During high school I would take the trolly from Imperial Beach to the City College stop and walk the rest of the way to Balboa Park and spend hours in the exhibits, or if I couldn’t afford to get in I would read books in the bookstore. The people were so great and never once tried to kick me out.

Well, as it turns out Rocio and Aaron selected me as their wedding photographer. The ceremony was a small but heartfelt event that was kicked off with a slideshow of pictures of Aaron and Rocio as children and then together as adults. The slideshow was accompanied by Mariachi Musicians playing classical Mexican love songs.

The reception was held in the main atrium with it’s beautiful huge open space and Rocio’s brother gave an endearing speech and welcomed Aaron into their family and hearts.
After dinner and the other toasts, the DJ got the crowd pumped up and effectively turned the Museum into a nightclub with upbeat house music and lights going all over the place.

A little after that Rocio, Aaron and I snuck off for a bit into the gallery and took some photos of just the two of them quietly ending their long and beautiful day.

Bridesmaid in red dress | Museum of Photographic Arts Wedding | ©William Bay Photographic ArtsAaron exchanging vows with Rocio | Museum of Photographic Arts Wedding | ©William Bay Photographic Arts-0147The kiss, and it's final - they're married | MOPA Wedding | ©William Bay Photographic Arts-0162A hug for the Father of the Bride | MOPA Wedding  | ©William Bay Photographic Arts-0181Signing the papers to make the wedding legal | mopa wedding san diego | ©William Bay Photographic Arts-0296Wedding cake! | mopa wedding san diego | ©William Bay Photographic Arts-0561The wedding cake in MOPAs atrium | San Diego Wedding Photographer | ©William Bay Photographic Arts-0563Getting the dance groove on | MOPA wedding | ©William Bay Photographic Arts-0463Yelling "I just got married!!!" at the Balboa Park Fountain | Wedding at MOPA San Diego | ©William Bay Photographic Arts-0605The groomsmen looking cool | Balboa Park | ©William Bay Photographic Arts-0617That quiet moment after the weddding. | San Diego MOPA wedding | ©William Bay Photographic Arts-0637Sparklers after the wedding | A fire dancer at Balboa Park wedding | ©William Bay Photographic Arts-0649


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