Rain, Rain, Rain and More Rain. Oh, and Some More

It’s rained off and on since I arrived in Southern Thailand. A little storm here, a little 20 minute shower there. But this was something else!!! It started just as the rest had, a light fall in the afternoon

The view from my porch at 5 in the morning during the first storm of the rainy season

But as the others had not done, it did not stop… For a week actually. I had never been in a storm that had rained 24 hours a day for a full week.

The first night was a fantasy come true. I had never been in a storm as violent as the storm that night. Lightning and thunder crashed down like I’ve never seen it before. It was a show aside from the show I was reading. Now I had seen “The Beach” but had never read it. I must say I am not a huge reader but I was captivated so much by Alex Garlands book and by the vibey electric tempest going on I was dead set on finishing this book given to me by a girl I call Baby Spice.

I sat on my front porch until 5 or 6 in the morning and read and read and looked up occasionally as a bolt struck down close by. The storm decreased in intensity but continued for another 6 days as Khao Lak was saturated by rain drops.

On Monday when work resumed we worked on in the rain, sluggish at times, but we worked on.

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