Progress in Haiti

I had mentioned a couple weeks back about my dear friend Tammy and her water project in Haiti. She is currently there in Haiti attending the ground breaking for the project and overseeing the first phase of construction. And as  serendipity pops it’s head up from time to time, she found herself in a position to make even more of a difference for Haiti by teaming up with the Brazilian U.N. They have asked her to put together a couple of projects to help the community.

Her first instinct was “Medical Center!”

She told me about the great news on Facebook chat, and since my education and a good portion of my career has been dedicated to Architecture, my first instinct was “You need some plans!”

We spent the next ten minutes discussing the parameters and method of construction she would need. Then I hopped on AutoCAD and had a working plan to start from in about an hour and a half. It is initially to be a 2 story medical clinic with a triage area on the first floor and a second floor for additional medical treatment.

I’ve included the first floor plan below.

This goes to show that you don’t need to have money to donate to causes you care about. I believe that it is important to give back to the world. We are pretty blessed to have the things we do in life, and not everybody has the opportunity to even the basics of fresh water or medical treatment. And while I would love to be back out in the field getting my hands dirty working on buildings, I can at least make a difference for someone while sitting at my computer 5,000 miles away.

Click here if you’d like to see if you can contribute to Help Tammy Help Haiti



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