Elephant Tree at Dusk, Cataviña Desert - William Bay

Elephant Tree at Dusk, Cataviña Desert

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After a long day of surfing in the Seven Sisters area of Baja, I knew I wouldn’t make it too far driving back home, so I decided to pull over and camp in Punta Prieta in the Cataviña Desert. The Cataviña is one of the reasons I fell in love with Baja in the first place. Plants like nowhere else in the world, Cirrios, Cardon cactii (the largest in the world), Cholla cactii that will straight up attack you. And this strange beast of a plant. It’s called an Elephant Tree and it dots the landscape of the Cataviña.

I had lit a small campfire and pitched my tent, and the twilight colors shifted to lavenders and smokey yellows, and knew it was time to pull out the camera.


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