OUCH!!!! That hurts!

Well a little update for you all.

I just got my immunization shots and boy it hurts not my arm but my bank account. I think the shots were more than what I’ll spend on my plane ticket!!!
But rest assured I could lay on a bed of rusty nails while drinking untreated water from a mosquito infested swamp and not catch a thing. I actually believe I got the shots that make mosquitoes fly away when they see you walking down the street.

So I have had to delay my flight a week to ensure my projects are totally complete. I will gladly take a week in order to have as much integrity intact with myself, my friends, clients etc.
I have made tremendous progress however and each day there are more and more items checked off my list. I had no idea how difficult it is to completely pack up your whole life in 4- weeks. WOW!!!
I haven’t been sleeping a whole lot the last couple of days just to get some extra time to work on and complete my remodel projects. I’ve never been more alive either.

The response from everyone has been just incredible. Friends, family, people I don’t even know have called and emailed with words of encouragement and tales of inspiration. I have had people share about family members that were there in Phuket as the wave hit. Friends have shared with me just what I’ve meant for them in there life and how I had certain impacts on their lives. This has been the toughest. I hear my friends tell me this and I don’t want to leave that love. I’ve been freaked out, scared and overwhelmed at times and I use the incredible things you all have said as my motivator to accomplish what I set out to do. While I have not earned much as far as aid and sponsorship, the support you all have provided for me has been way more powerful than any amount of money.
Thank you all.

So here were a few items that were left a bit open from my last email:

The Loft
The word about the loft is this: The Landlord is requesting that whoever comes in be a business. They are trying to make this building businesses only due to insurance reasons. So if you are a photographer this is a great location to have a studio. There is a huge space on the first floor for shooting. I built a great darkroom and I’m sorry to see it go. I will be leaving the sink I built and the other darkroom stuff (enlarger, trays, etc).
In return I am going to ask for a $1500 finders/improvement/equipment fee in addition to whatever the landlord will end up charging. We can work out some form of payment so it doesn’t necessarily have to be at once.
You can see a couple images of the darkroom and the rest of the loft here: www.williambay.com/forsale

Stuff for sale
Since I will not be coming back to my loft I have no idea where or how I will be setting myself up when I get back. So there is a lot of stuff I will be selling. I will put together a more formal list in the next few days and may have a Garage(less) Sale this weekend. But for now I have some pictures www.williambay.com/forsale that you can view and if there is something you need let me know and we can work out a price. I of course have lot’s of photos that I do not want to store I will be selling these at a seriously reduced rate from my normal fine art print pricing.

What’s Left?
I am maintaining a checklist of items to get accomplished before I leave here www.williambay.com/checklist.htm . The items in red are complete. Each day the list seems to get larger. What’s great though is that I get something checked off everyday. Those days I get lots of stuff checked off are the really good ones!!!

What the hell is a Blog?
I started a Blog (web log) it’s an online journal to document my journey, to share my thoughs, adventure, photos and to stay close to you all. The Blog is here. www.williambay.com I won’t be sending emails like this in the future, everything will be posted straight to the Blog.

We are still having the party on the 12th. My friend Viviana has been wanting to do a Singles party so we will do that also and have it be Thai theme or something. Look out for the Evite coming to a mailbox near you soon.

I love you all!!!

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