Last Night at The Casbah – The Melvins

I was reminded, as I was chatting with a cute blonde in a red mod cap and having a beer, that I actually have not set foot in The Casbah in over 16 years! She charmingly, and perhaps a little tipsily, affirmed that this was my re-induction into society. Her pretty face, and cute chortle were quite the warm welcome for my reinduction.

The music however was quite mind-altering, and far from warm welcoming. From the start my friend James and I were under an all out audio assault as the opening band The Unsane, and then the side act The Long And The Short Of It (who reminded me a lot of The Germs).

Then The Melvins came on.

They did not stop playing their instruments for an hour and a half. It was perhaps the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life (and I’ve seen a few things).
Two drummers, everyone providing vocals, Buzz Osborne wearing some kind of heavy medieval tunic or wizardary outfit. The playing was incredibly precision, both drummers magically in time and I’m convinced causing structural damage to The Casbah’s little building. Forty-five minutes in James turned around to me and said he thought he was “Rocked Out.” I said I was too, yet with my deer in the headlights gaze continuing to remain on the stage.

I’ve been front row for Soundgarden, I’ve gotten a song request through to Eddie Vedder which was played on stage, and my first concert experience was Pink Floyd. But my re-induction into the famed Casbah was by far one of the highlights of this audiophile’s life.

Enjoy a few iPhone photos from the night.

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