Jessa – Austin Shoot

I had been wanting to work with Jessa for awhile. She is a model in Austin and has worked with some very talented photographers. She’s really great with fine art modeling, and has incredible eyes, which is why I wanted to work with her in the first place.

My original concept for Jessa was the first shot you see here.  A “Trash The Dress” idea, (one in a series of Bridal Portraits I will be sending to Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style), with tuule being representative of the dress. The Congress Street Bridge in the background making this iconically Austin, and I wanted to stretch my own ideas and concepts to something grander than I had before.
Unfortunately for Jessa, I was not around Austin this summer when the water would have been twenty degrees warmer in Town Lake. She was a popsickle in about 10 minutes… not to mention she CAN’T SWIM!

She was a trooper though and after she thawed out, she stuck around for some more photos which you’ll see below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them!

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13 thoughts on “Jessa – Austin Shoot

  1. William that opening shot in the water is superb – I feel sorry for the poor model though – she was obviously a real trouper – it almost looks like ice on her skin in the second last shot. Well done to you and Jessa – great work from both of you.

  2. If I didn’t know how to swim, I sure as heck would not be in the water! Her cheekbones in that last one are to die for. Great job!

  3. That is truly brave of her to swim in that river. Excellent set of shots too, must have been difficult to get that water shot – were you on a boat at the time? Anywho’s good on you and see more soon I hope. Happy new year when it comes!

  4. The second image is very good, you get a warmth from the darkness through the orange glows so that the shot looks more natural and is well composed.

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