#Follow #Friday #One | Volume 5

Yes, you read that correct. It’s a Follow Friday One this week. I’m a bit under the weather, and I’m going to keep it brief this week. But, the One that I do have for you is a pretty fantastic One! He’s a photographer out of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. And I can’t get enough of his work.

Bruno Kaiuca ( @brunokaiuca )

As mentioned above Bruno is located in Rio, and what is fascinating about him and his work, is that he captures what I can only imagine the spirit of Rio is. Most of his work takes place on Ipanema Beach with the great Morro Dois Irmãos as a backdrop. Often in the glowing afternoons, the mountains provide a silhouette to the kids playing in the surf.
The contrast between the glancing setting sun, the crashing white water, and the stark Morro all coalesce to deliver a taste of what’s like to hang out on Ipanema. Looking at these images, I can hear the Portuguese accented laughter and squeals from the water, the samba and bossa nova bands playing on the promenade.

Despite shooting a lot from Ipanema, newer work continues to feel fresh. When I originally stumbled across his work, I only saw black and white. But he’s begun producing fantastic color experimentations with Ektacrome, and possibly some sort of cross processing that further deepens that sense of being there. The color goes fantastically unnatural, but sucks you in emotionally and triggers the cortex to say “I want to witness this!”

Go witness it for yourself. Follow Bruno on Instagram!

Like always, let me know who are you following? And, of course don’t forget to follow me. I’m @williambahiabay.
Next week, we’ll get back to #Five. Promise!

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