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Want to know who to follow on Instagram? It can be overwhelming sometimes, right?

Well, I like to discover new photographers with great talent, and write about them and their work. My hopes is that you’ll like them too. I post about five Instagrammers every Friday, so come back each week!

#Follow #Friday #Five| Volume 6

I’m feeling much better this week, and I’m excited to deliver a full five again. There is no theme, just some solid photography that I’ve been enjoying, and I hope you do too! Juan María Rodríguez ( @juanmarirodriguez ) We’re starting this week’s Five with a pair that formulate incredible color imagery. Because, I personally shoot mainly black and white, people are surprised to hear of my immense appreciation for color. I love color photography. But the color must earn its keep in a photograph. A strong photo with weak color (that’s not to say subtle or pastel – there’s […]

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#Follow #Friday #One | Volume 5

Yes, you read that correct. It’s a Follow Friday One this week. I’m a bit under the weather, and I’m going to keep it brief this week. But, the One that I do have for you is a pretty fantastic One! He’s a photographer out of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. And I can’t get enough of his work. Bruno Kaiuca ( @brunokaiuca ) As mentioned above Bruno is located in Rio, and what is fascinating about him and his work, is that he captures what I can only imagine the spirit of Rio is. Most of his work takes place […]

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#Follow #Friday #Five | Volume 4

Alternative Processes are this weeks theme. Ever since I saw an original Edward Weston print on Palladium/Platinum at MOPA, I’ve been obsessed with Pt/Pd prints. Despite my fascination, I’ve still not actually printed on it, which makes the geek inside me go into jealousy overdrive when cruising through Instagram and looking at people printing on it like it ain’t no thang. Below are my #Follow #Friday #Five on Alt Processes. Who are yours? Drop some comments way down below. Laura Corley Burlton (@chalk_dreams) I may be biased, because I’ve known Laura and her subject matter (her daughters Sadie and Maddie) […]

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#Follow #Friday #Five | Volume 3

Welcome back! This week, we’re looking at abstract photography! And I have some wonderful photographers lined up. First though… What does Abstract Photography even mean? It sounds cool, right?! But for reals… Let’s talk about abstract art and photography for a minute. Personally, I think ALL photography is a form of abstraction. Photography is, and always will be an abstraction of reality. Photographers have always been lauded as seekers and capturers of truth. However, merely composing a scene, you as the photographer have by definition abstracted it from it’s context, and defined a new context. Simply clicking that shutter, you […]

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#Follow #Friday #Five | Volume 2

San Diego Edition While it continues to grow and expand, as far back as I can remember, San Diego has always had a small town feel for being the US’s 8th most populated city. And just as when I was a kid running around Imperial Beach with my camera, it continues to bring inspiration to me. In this volume of Follow Friday Five, I look at five other photographers that find inspiration from San Diego in one form or another. Make sure you follow them, and of course you can follow me @williambahiabay. *All Photos Copyright of the respective artists. Jens […]

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#Follow #Friday #Five | Volume 1

I feel like I’ve found a new home on Instagram. Amongst all the pictures of people’s meals, and selfies accompanied with sage-like advice from the yoga spiritual-ati, I’ve found artists, social photo-journalists, photographers still dedicated to film… and lots of photos of pretty motorcycles (c’mon… I gotta get my Cafe Racer porn fix in daily). It took me awhile to start finding worthy people to follow, but I found a rhythm going through hashtags that I post my work to, and using the Search section in the app and scrolling through the suggestions. I’ve discovered some nice gems that don’t […]

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