A Day at the Park (Skatepark That Is)

When I was a kid, I did all the things. Skateboarding, surfing, and BMX freestyle. Until surfing totally consumed me, I hung out with my buddy Jerry Broderick and road street style BMX. Southern California back in 1990/91 was pretty much the epicenter of freestyle riding BITD. Ron Wilkerson and Mat Hoffman had just released their respective bike companies increasing the durability levels, which led to the birth of other bike companies like Bully, and Dirt Brothers Inc, and S&M.

It was a lot of fun, and I think back to those days. Jerry and I got pretty close to the scene and I photographed a little bit of it. Going through some old negatives, I came across some pics of Dave Voelker and Bryan Blyther, and got interested to find out what the scene is like these days. So, over the weekend I headed over to the OB Robb Field skate park to see what’s up.┬áMet a small crew hitting the bowls, hips and ledges there, and decided to do a little shooting. The boys were cool, even let me try out their bikes (damn, those frames are loose!).

Big thanks to Joel, Jacob, Blake, Alec, and Bryon.

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