Print Merit, Austin Next Week, and Amazing Dresses

PPSDC Print Merit

Last night was the bi-monthly Professional Photographers of San Diego County print competition night. I had entered a photo I took while in Telluride, CO a couple weeks ago. If you follow the blog, you might have seen another version of it in another post.
Well it received a “Merit” last night at the competition, which means that it scored at least an “80” from the judges on the panel. And believe me… These guys are TOUGH! The judging is the same level as the national PPA judging, so now I have a good idea of how tough things will be when I start entering on the National Level.
What’s great is that my Merit goes towards becoming Photographer of the Year. That may be a bit of a stretch right now, but as I get better, maybe a possibility.

Here’s the image. The title is “Riding the Storm Out Together” Let me know what you think.


Let Me Tell You About Texas Radio and the Big Beat…

I will be heading back to Austin for a week! I’m so excited for a number of reasons:

  • November is my favorite time of year in Austin
  • My photo BFF Maria Bernal is doing a studio fashion lighting demonstration at the Austin PPA
  • I’ll be shooting a wedding in Houston for Huong and Ben on the 21st (Ben is the brother of one of my Brides from way back in 2003! – How Cool is that?!!!!)
  • I’ll be shooting a big range of stuff during the week, from holiday family photos to a nude commission, to some conceptual/arty Bridal photos I want to submit to Grace Ormonde magazine. Whew boy, my compact flash cards are gonna get a workout!!! I’m shooting everyday I’m in Texas except one!!!
  • I’m gonna get to hang out with some of my 512 area code friends and hang at some of my old haunts like Spiderhouse.
  • Texas Barbecue!!! Say no more!

Amazing Dresses

I am super blessed to have on loan to me while in Austin, two AMAZING Bridal gowns designed by La Chatuise Couture for my Grace Ormonde shoot. The dresses (below) have been loaned to me by Lori Davis at Elle Couture Designs in Costa Mesa. Elle Couture is the exclusive representatives for the La Chatuise line for Southern California. So I am tremendously grateful for them to loan out these dresses.

What do you think of these dresses? Are they HAWT or what?



2 responses to “Print Merit, Austin Next Week, and Amazing Dresses”

  1. So hot wedding gown! I like the gown in left. 🙂

  2. My boyfriend just proposed to me and idea. I am hoping for a late summer wedding but we have not finished much preparation yet. I was ideas for when is the perfect time to purchase the dress?

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