Anniversary Tubing Trip

I should have posted this earlier, but Heather and I celebrated our one year anniversary back in July. We were brainstorming what would be a cool way to celebrate our wedding vows and we decided to invite a few of our friends down to the Comal River and spend the day river tubing. Our neighbor Robert and his boyfriend Andy came, and so did our good friend Beto and his girlfriend Vanessa.
It was a great time! There are a couple white water areas, including a big concrete chute that you go down which was really fun, in fact we came back to it and went down without our tubes like a big water slide.
I brought my Super 8mm camera and filmed some of the more relaxing portions of the river. As soon as I get it developed and digitized I will post it.
Until here are some cool pictures from Roberts waterproof throw-away camera.

Anniversary Tubing Trip

Heather and I chillin

Anniversary Tubing Trip

Me with my Super 8mm

Anniversary Tubing Trip

Me, Heather, Robert and Andy

Anniversary Tubing Trip

Beto and Vanessa

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