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Clean Border Water Now | March for Clean Water

Saturday April 13th, Imperial Beach and South Bay locals gathered with signs and prepared chants in IB at the pier plaza. Surfrider and Clean Border Water Now was holding its third annual March for Clean Water. It was only a day after finding out that 120-130 gallons of raw sewage spilled into the beach at La Jolla’s Windansea beach. 130 gallons is a drop in the bucket compared to Imperial Beach, where we measure the constant inundation of raw sewage and chemicals in the millions of gallons. It’s not a contest La Jolla! IB’s got you beat. The March, organized […]

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Of Nematodes, and Tijuana River Valley Pollution

There is a major concern about what can, and can’t be brought across the border when you walk or drive into the United States. But the USDA, and the US Government doesn’t seem to have a problem turning a blind eye to the millions of gallons of raw sewage that carries among other things, E. Coli, chloroform, uranium, and hexavalent chromium (you know that stuff Erin Brockovich got famous for exposing in Hinkley). It’s a nightmarish soup of human waste, industrial and agricultural that flows freely into the US, just meters away from the Border Patrol checkpoint. No passport needed. […]

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