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My Bestfriend is Getting Married

“Back in the day” as they say, is when I met Chris Elders. We met each other while working in a live/work loft on 12th and J Street in San Diego. He and his sister Tanya were running Ignite My Site, a small web development firm in the front and living in the back at the time. When I moved into one of the open units, and we became neighbors, a strong friendship began to form. He introduced me to the magic of “House” music, and Landmark Education. And I like to think that I helped him strengthen his eye […]

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Free Album April

Hi All, April is here once again. And I’m a little behind on updates, but it’s time for Free Album April… Here are the details: In addition to the album you get in your package you can get either- 1 Free 10×10 duplicate wedding album, or 2 Free 5×5 parent albums. Each are a $900 value. And of course I would only use the best album binder in the world, Leather Craftsmen. This will be valid only for signed contracts through April. Give me a call, so we can get you all set up! William 512.438.9662

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7 “Before the Wedding” Steps that Initiate a Successful Marriage

I was doing some blog surfing this morning and found this great article on 7 “Before the Wedding” Steps that Initiate a Successful Marriage. It is, for the most part, a very logical look at the “when”, “how” and even the “why” of getting married. But I think that people in love are hardly ever logical when thinking about their love or commitment to each other. One thing that most people will agree on is that they really only want to get married once, and it would be a huge blow to you and your future mate to need counseling […]

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