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Gettin’ some Leg-o

When I was a kid I loved playing with my Legos. That may be why I later aspired to become an Architect. Each night I would take my five gallon bucket of Legos out, dump them onto the floor and build elaborate (for an 8 year old) multicolor worlds complete with buildings, rocketships, and little people. It was the great pleasure of my life at the time!!! Well I recently ran across a photographer on Flickr that has combined my childhood love of Legos with my adulthood passion for photography. He has taken classic photojournal images from the last century […]

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The image above is taken with a Holga camera. It was taken by a user on Flickr named Jen Mo. I’ve been looking at potential for using one of these little plastic cameras in weddings to get a similar look to the picture above. It would have an edgy, shoot from the hip, kind of photography. Unfortunately it’s not something that can quite be duplicated in Photoshop. The quality (or lack of) comes from the plastic lens, the tendency for light leaks and the film. Yes FILM… It’s not just “stuff that forms on your teeth when you don’t brush” […]

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