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New T-Shirt and New Cause

As many of you know, I was a volunteer in Thailand after the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, and was there for a year helping build houses amongst other things. And when I heard about the earthquake off Samoa and the impending tsunami that was likely coming, I could only think of the destruction I saw while in Thailand and knew what was in store for the Samoans. In light of the damage that has happened to Samoa and American Samoa, I have decided to offer a $4 discount on all T-Shirts and apparel at my CafePress store through November […]

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Photos on Shirts for a Great Cause

I promised a couple big items earlier this week. Here is the first one (the second one is still coming): For a couple years I have wanted to find some way in which to give back to the world with my photography. Well, I have just started selling a signature series of my photographs on clothing through CafĂ© Press. Most importantly, half of all profits will be donated to ecological and natural disaster relief organizations. As most of you know Burma (Myanmar) was hit with a very severe hurricane that killed 125,000 people. I was in Burma once a month […]

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