Washed Out Highway, Punta Prieta - William Bay

Washed Out Highway, Punta Prieta

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The storm I was trying to race away from here at El Requeson, caught me the next day as I was trying to make my way home. It’s a hell of a drive from Bahia Concepción to the border, but you can make it in one shot on those long summer days, provided you leave early, have lots of coffee, and nothing goes wrong on Highway 1.

And if you’ve ever driven the Highway 1 in Baja, you know that something usually goes wrong.

I had left early enough, but the storm system had a head start. And in Baja “When it rains, it pours.” is an understatement. Highway 1 follows the contour of the land and often crosses arroyos (dry rivers) that lead to the sea. So when it rains, the highway can sometimes become submerged.

It’s a common thing though. After this photograph, I went down and drank some Tecates with the other stranded motorists until the water went down some.

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