Old Man, Seraya, East Bali - William Bay

Old Man, Seraya, East Bali

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Traveling along the East Coast of Bali on motorcycle, I stopped of at a viewpoint to take in the vista of the Sea of Bali and the road I had just come along. I got off my bike, and this old Balinese man was beaming a huge grin when he saw me and my mates pull up. It was just him by himself, tending to his chickens and his dog. He was quite talkative, I imagine he was telling me about the area we were in, and the Jungkung boats the area was famous for.

I nodded to my Zeiss rangefinder to photograph him, and he nodded. I snapped a few, some with his chickens in the background. But this was my favorite. It showed off his fragile body, and his tough as nails spirit.

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