Metallic Green Damselfly, Southern Thailand - William Bay

Metallic Green Damselfly, Southern Thailand

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Riding a motorcycle through the South of Thailand, to Malaysia is one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever done, and the people I met along the way were incredible. I spoke only a handful of words, yet, it didn’t matter. Each person was warm, gracious and wanted to communicate with the farang (foreigner). I stopped at waterfalls and picnic areas, and they would motion for me to come and join them for Lao Khao, (a rice whiskey) and some snacks.

At one of the waterfalls I stopped at, I came across this extraordinary Metallic Green Damselfly. She gracefully circled around and landed multiple times for me as I continued to photograph her. I LOVE this print. The colors pop so beautifully when framed, and under glass.

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