Low Tide, Camino De La Costa - William Bay

Low Tide, Camino De La Costa

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The BirdRock area of San Diego is such a unique area. Great little boutique shops, the Bird Rock Coffee Roasters pour a damn good espresso, the whole area is cute and quaint. There is also some of the best coastline in San Diego. Rocky coastline with little secluded patches of sand, sculptures cut by mother nature of of sandstone, reefs that not only look amazing when exposed, but provide awesome slabs for surfers as well.

This particular day, I was cruising around a few of my usual spots and noticed a negative tide was running. I came down to this spot, and noticed that the entire seafloor was exposed and completely carpeted in sea grass! I had never seen this phenomenon before. I grabbed my view camera and photographed for an hour while the tide bottomed out.

In the distance, you can see the famed Bird Rock, as well as some very expensive homes.

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