Little Pink Houses For You and Me, Bahia Concepción - William Bay

Little Pink Houses For You and Me, Bahia Concepción

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Descansos are “resting places” in Spanish. They signify the place a person died. And there are hundreds up and down Highway 1 in Baja. Stretching all the way from Tijuana in the North, to Cabo in the South.Typically they are simple crosses made from iron or wood, and the families of the deceased will take care of the descanso, clear out weeds around them, light the occasional candle, replace faded photos, etc.

This family however, built a McMansion of a descanso! They either had a ton of money, or they really loved the person that passed. I don’t know the story behind this particular one. But I spotted it (anyone would spot that!), and the sun was rising up over the Bahia Concepción peninsula with rays streaking through the clouds. It was pretty much an involuntary reaction to hit the brakes and grab the camera.

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