Balinese Temple, Tajun, Bali - William Bay

Balinese Temple, Tajun, Bali

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I set off on a 3-day trip around the East Balinese coastline on motorcycles with a couple surfers friends. The waves were flat, and we had suffered 15 days of monsoonal rains, and we were eager to move around and do something. I took my cameras, an extra t-shirt, and my toothbrush and headed off in my board shorts with the guys.

We had 2 days of wonderful sunny weather as we hugged the coast, but then we began our ascent up the mountain to Ganung Batur, the volcano. The temperature dropped as we climbed with our motorbikes. The fuel/air mixture began to thin out, and our thin clothing began to give out, and the shivers came on.

We stopped at this promontory point for this photograph of what I can only guess is Pura Tajun, and while I love this shot, my favorite memory is the Balinese gentleman that stopped and offered us some instant coffee from the back of his truck. My buddies, myself and the Balinese man all warmed our bellies up and looked out at the beautiful mountainside before us.

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